This Week I … Wised Up to Etsy SEO!

Pop Art Pix

Think you know your way around SEO?

Having helped dozens of companies get onto Google’s coveted first page for their preferred keywords, so did I.

But you know what? Selling products on Etsy, Shopify, Amazon – even from your own website – is a whole different ball game!

This week’s Etsy educational kicked off with a webinar from leading Etsy entrepreneur, Renae Christine, and Renae’s content uncovered some real gems. Wisdom like:

Common Newbie Mistakes:

1. If I have traffic, I’ll have sales.
2. Top of Etsy Search Results = Traffic = Sales.
3. If I put up a lot of products and add a lot of choices, it will equal sales.

Renae then goes on to outline the “7 Crucial steps that produce actual results for your Etsy shop.”

And here’s the real game-changer: ‘Second Search.’

If you’ve never really considered your customers’ search habits, then this will be something of a revelation to you, as indeed, it was to me. Without giving away all Renae’s secrets, (you’ll have to watch the video for that!) basically, your buyers are likely to conduct not one, but two searches for every potential online purchase.

As someone who is trying to wean herself off webinars, (too darn time-sapping), I have to say that, as an Etsy newbie, I learned so much from Renae’s video training. It was definitely worth the time invested to view and implement her teachings.

This week I also began working with “Small Business Online Strategist”, Alison Wood. Ali is helping me expand my Pop Art Pix brand by attracting more ‘Likes’, ‘Shares’, ‘Follows’ and sales.

But I guess the real lesson here, as with every online and bricks ‘n’ mortar store, is that we as business owners cannot simply sit back and wait for our customers to find us. We need to be proactive and go out and find them!

So, if you’re ready to get crafty with SEO and ramp up your shop’s overall marketing strategy, then check out Renae Christine’s video here. (Refreshingly, there’s nothing to buy and I’m not an affiliate or anything like that!)

This Week I … Made My First Sales On Etsy!


It’s positively ORGASMIC!

Okay, well not quite orgasmic, steady on now … but pretty darned thrilling nonetheless …

I made my first Etsy shop sales this week and I am genuinely so chuffed that my very first customer purchased a ‘Lesbian Wedding Card” chosen from my VDUB BUDZ brand of greetings cards and gifts.

Why are you so-o-o ecstatic about selling a Lesbian Wedding Card? I hear you ask. (Humour me, okay?)

Well now, (so glad you’re playing along), I just happened to pitch the concept of lesbian and gay greetings cards to several companies, (including WH Smith), a mere 21 years’ ago, with ZERO takers.

Of course, we’re talking a fair few years before same-sex marriage was legalised in the UK, but still I felt there was a potential market for dedicated girlfriend/ girlfriend; boyfriend/ boyfriend, greetings cards and gift ranges.

So why the heck didn’t you corner the market back then and bank a shedload of cash? 

Fair point.

The obvious answer: because the DIY technology wasn’t there. The likes of Moonpig, Funky Pigeon et al, means that anyone and everyone can get their card and gift designs ‘out there’ and test the market for a just few pennies.

These days, with the boom in online selling, there really is no limit as to what can be achieved in running an Internet-based business – it’s simply brilliant!

If your goal is to become a published author, then Amazon is the place to be seen. It’s free to publish your works on Amazon’s Kindle and Createspace platforms – the latter empowers you to make hard copies of your latest tome available for sale too!

Do you hanker after your own online shop? Consider the likes of WooCommerce, EKM, Shopify and Etsy. (Note to self: include shameless plug for Etsy store ). And if you’re sourcing and shipping physical products, then Amazon’s FBA, (Fulfillment By Amazon), programme, must be a major contender.

Fancy your own radio show? Podcasts are all the rage just now. What’s more, as a podcaster you have a distinct advantage over your video-producing chums, in that your listeners can enjoy your broadcasts in the car, at the gym and all manner of places where viewing video is out of the question.

That said, if you have designs on launching your own TV channel then it’s never been easier to produce and host your own shows using inexpensive software and equipment.

In today’s burgeoning eCommerce environment, creating and implementing are surely the easiest aspects of any entrepreneurial endeavour.

It’s the marketing of your online product or service wot’s taxing!

How to Craft the Perfect Name for Your Etsy Shop



So as you know … I’m about to launch my new Etsy shop: JordynDigitalArt.

As an Etsy newbie, I thought I’d reach out to the Etsy community to find out what inspired their choice of shop name, so I posted a message in the ‘Discussion’ forum asking precisely that.

And what a friendly bunch the Etsy crowd are, not to mention talented! Within the space of just over an hour, they’d responded in their droves. Now, seeing as I’d promised to include all responses with a link to everyone’s shop, I think I had better get on with it, don’t you?

Here’s what our Etsy entrepreneurs revealed, (in the order they responded). I’ve also included a link to each Etsy shop, so please do have a browse next time you take a coffee break!


Kasey Hoggatt from SUBLIMEstyledstock
My daughter named mine….lol… really awesome, cool story.
Amy Elizabeth from AEROLeotards
“AERO” are my initials. Seemed to fit well with my products.
My shop is named after my son.
Trish O’Connor from EpiclesisConsulting

I already had my business at the point when I opened my shop, and I chose to give the shop the same name as the overall business.

I chose that name because it is a term that, while unusual enough not to be confused with a bunch of existing businesses, would be familiar to a large swath of the target market for the service side of my business. “Epiclesis” is the technical term in liturgical theology for “an invocation of the Holy Spirit,” and my niche is connected with spirituality. (My background is in ministry, and I hold a Master of Divinity.)

Suz from CountryLaneHomeDecor

I opened my shop as Suzs Country Prims. I made mostly country and primitive items. I changed my shop name last year to better reflect what I now sell, all types of home decor.

Shannon from KidInMeCreations 

 I could not think of a name. It was the hardest part to opening a store. I came up with KidInMeCreations because it had duel meanings that made me giggle.

First: Kid In Me….because I am able to create items that bring out the kid in me.

Second: Kid In Me…..meant, ” Are you “Kidding me”? I am opening up a shop and think I can sell stuff?”….. so glad I did though. I enjoy it so much and make a little extra money.

Nina Georgiou from HappyBoxing 

I have had shops in the past on Etsy, different names and different items. Now that I am happily working on boxes, the name was easy….it reflects my passion and my product, thus Happy Boxing was born!!!

Alexis from NgetalChildStudios 

Ngetal is the name of my Celtic zodiac rune, which means Reed. The Celtic zodiac is based on different trees (they thoughts reeds were trees because they grew super tall). So my name literally means Reed Child(aka me) Studios. It is a unique enough name that it makes a good conversation starter. 🙂

Liane Girardin from EmmasHeritage 

I wanted to honor my great-grandmother, with whom I spent much of my childhood with – admiring her China closets full of old nick nacks and collectibles. I wanted to show that her presence and influence on me is important and that it continues on – my daughter shares my vintage passion, and I want to share it with my customers.
Marie Logue from TheSeaCottage14
My son loves the ocean, so he came up with the name, The Sea Cottage. I loved it, of course, who wouldn’t want a beach house!!

Todd Van Duren from tvdminerals

I’ve been using ‘TVD’ in a business capacity for a long time. It’s my initials. It’s how I sign my artwork. Sooooo, I, that is me, that is TVD, is selling minerals on Etsy. Ergo, ‘tvdminerals’.

BigDogLady from BigDogLadysJools

Mine was actually a fluke, I wanted a different username but it was already taken. So were the next 20 I tried. Meanwhile my doggy was getting impatient, as he had to go outside and do some business and started whining, he’s a big dog but he whines like a tiny baby. So I told him, “dang, you’re a big dog, don’t whine like a little baby,” and it hit me, BigDogLady and it actually was available, later when I opened shop I added the Jools as I sell jewelry. 🙂

Best wishes.

Alis Volat Propriis from SoloButterflyArt

Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you all about my obsession with butterflies. I debated a while, but finally landed on my name because I have always LOVED these pretty little insects…the symbolism behind them, and the hope that you can transform yourself into something beautiful if you don’t let yourself give up.

So, Solo Butterfly Art because starting this whole venture is still a huge leap for me and a venture into the unknown, and no one is helping me with it. From creation, to listing, to the look of my shop, everything you see is me. 🙂

Maggie Williams from WatercolorsDecor 

Trying to do what might be best for SEO.

Lauren Darby from OriginalsbyLauren

I already was in business so just used that name.


Morry from LadybumbleVintage 

The lady part comes from a dive bar I used to frequent where the bartender used to put lady in front of my name and the bumble… well I just love bees.

Charis Leath from CherryLeafyCrafts

Mine comes from my username on other sites: CherryLeafy101 (CherryL101 if CherryLeafy101 is taken or too long). Cherry comes from my addiction to anything cherry flavoured and it sounds similar to my first name. Leafy is a play on words; my last name is Leath, which sounds like leaf. 101 is because of my birthday 01/01. I just replaced the ‘101’ with ‘Crafts’ because CherryLeafy101 sounds too like a username to be used as a shop name, and ‘CherryLeafy101Crafts’ doesn’t sound very good.

BravaVintage from BravaVintage 

Quite easily, Brava means good in Italian and I thought it sounded good with vintage. It works in both italian and english and says all in the name.

shhhwatson from templatesbysarah 

Easy, my name is Sarah and I sell logo templates 🙂
Melody from OnSiletzBay 
I have had another shop for years that was just the name of my business, but when I started this one it was to showcase a new line of work, which is very much influenced by finally fulfilling my dream to live on the Coast. I am steps away from Siletz Bay so it was pretty easy to pick. Also I googled it and it didn’t come up with a lot of stuff, just the physical location.

Jan and Paul F. from WanderingRockDesigns

I love exploring outdoors and I’m also a bit of a rock hound, so I combined the 2 into Wandering Rock. When I Googled wandering rock, the desert stones came up so I added designs. Also, one of my favorite quotes is Tolkien’s “Not all who Wander or Lost” so I felt the name fit my personality as well as the things I was making at the time, wire wrapped stones.

Gillian Edie O’Neil from EdieBrae

I was looking for an informal name and thought I would try the names of my children together which would have been ‘HeatherBrae’ but when I googled this it gave too many hits. I tried my middle name in there Edith, didn’t pull up hits on Google so ‘Ediebrae’ became the name for my artwork, my website and my Etsy shop.

J Astle from TheBirdcageVintage 

Mine is from a song lyric that has some importance in my life. The name of my shop reminds me every day to be strong and pursue my dreams.

Lynn from LynnsLittleShop 

One of my friends named mine for me, as I knew from the start I wanted to sell it ALL, handmade, vintage and supplies. You are sweet to mention people and shops on your blog, it should be fun to read!

Jane Barnes from Bygonefashionbyjane

Mines got my name in it and I sell vintage fashion so I thought it was fitting.

Sharon K. Shubert from GrayWolfGallery 

It was snowing one day and that’s rare in Texas. I was watching out the back window. All of the sudden a wolf ran across the field behind my home! He was frolicking in the snow! I lost sight of him because the snow was coming down so thick.

Previously, I had an up close and personal encounter with a coyote right by my back door!

These 2 sightings made me rethink my Etsy shop name. I wanted something more conducive to my artwork.

Jennifer from JetJewels
are my Initials.I started off selling jewelry then I quickly saw how saturated jewelry was here on Etsy. So I decided to change over to selling paper supplies.
Russell Harris from BlackSackButtons 
Our shop name came from how we package our buttons for the customer. It sounded catchy and easy to remember.
teresa ladera from BlindSquirrelVintage 
I love MCM and most everything from my childhood – 50s and 60s – I get all of the items for my shop by going to estate sales in my retirement community – I feel like I shop like a “Blind Squirrel” so that’s how I came up with my shop name.

Daisy Luckey from OneLuckeyWife 

I used the same name I have for everything I do. It came about when I picking a PlayStation screen name. Last name is Luckey so I am literally OneLuckeyWife. Haha I thought it was quite clever and it took me like 2 hours to come up with this.
Sarah Mozga from SolarCrush
Well, I can’t say I love my shop name, but I came up with it in middle school for some weird reason, and I would hate to change it now that I’ve established a reputation (not so much on Etsy, but I’ve been using other websites under this name for years)
I’ve always believed that whatever you create must come from the soul. That, and a lot of my inspiration for whatever I crochet comes from soul music (throw in some funk, R&B, and hip hop), mixed with some ‘hood flavor. Thus, Soulful Stitchery was conceived.

Sofia B. from Sofiasbijoux 

Sophia Loren inspired me, she is one of the most famous italian actresses.

Nicole Salo from NorthernHare 

I’m a rabbit on the Chinese zodiac and I live in the great white north 🙂

Erin Chatterton from BeadfulStrings

Because NeedfulThings wasn’t available, and BeadfulStrings was a better fit anyway. 🙂 Actually, a really good friend came up with BeadfulThings, and I morphed it into what it is now.

Lawrence Burgess from MillHillSublimation 

I have had a small private web site called Mill Hill Aero Works for a number of years and when i started the sublimation enterprise Mill Hill Sublimation seemed a natural progression. The Mill Hill part comes from the area of London in which i reside.
Kelsey from 20SomethingGrandma 
I love to knit, crochet and go to bed at 9 usually. I’m only 25, so my friends started calling me a grandma. I soaked it in and created my shop name.

Carol and Jith from bliss100 

My shop name pretty much describes how much I love my work and my life………

Diana Deluxe from DianaDeluxe

Diana is my name and Deluxe as I sell unique and luxe statement jewelry.

Myriam Voyer from WingItByMyriam

I twisted and turned for days before I had an epiphany. One of my favorited thing to say and do is to wing it in life. I like to try, not plan too much ahead… so since it is my first time selling online I thought that I would just…. Wing It!

luly lopez from Lulypopshop

My nickname and my second last name.

Woody from TreasureTroveOfWood

I gave it some thought writing many different names out then saying them out loud to find which not only sounded the best but also trying to describe what I do with wood. So came up with: “TreasureTroveofWood”.

Treasure trove [a hidden store of valuable or delightful things] of wood.

At times I will find some pieces of wood that is ugly as sin and place it of the lathe to open the inner beauty that God placed there; like people, our body may be a crippled mess on the outside but when others see the hidden treasure trove of the heart it is a delight.

Emily from PICKLEBUG

It is my oldest daughter’s nickname.

Holly Havnaer from apaperaffaire

After telling a friend about my new found addiction to paper and stamps, she said, “Holly, it’s like you’re having an affair with paper!!” The name stuck!

Bright Spot Designs from BrightSpotDesigns

I wanted something that was near the beginning of the alphabet, Something that made you happy, hence BrightSpotDesigns. I think of jewelry as a bright spot in my life and hopefully in others!

Thinking of joining the Etsy community? Hopefully these stories will inspire you to create the perfect name for your store! Comments welcome below.