Hi there. Thanks for dropping by. I’m a digital artist, author and publisher based in Bournemouth, Dorset. I run two Etsy shops: dreambigga, which caters for adventuresome girls and boys up to age six and JordynDigitalArt, which sells bespoke cards and gifts for all those special people in your life.

Looking for a personalised storybook that is guaranteed to delight your 2-6 year-old? Then check out ‘The Right Knight‘, ‘Help! My Dinosaur Is Running Amok!’ and ‘Please May I Have A Unicorn?’

Oh, and there’s also a very special Christmas edition of our unicorn favourite, ‘Dear Santa, Please May I have A Unicorn?’

These whimsical tales are designed especially for adventurous youngsters aged 2-6, but we don’t use avatars in our books – oh no. Instead we use ‘real little people’. To do this, we take your favourite photograph and with a pinch of tech wizardry, transform your child into the hero and narrator of their very own tale. 

Each book we create is hand-crafted to order, so when your little one opens up their unique gift for the first time, he or she will recognise themselves instantly. We hope you’ll agree that’s really something rather special when you’re considering investing in a keepsake your child will cherish for years to come. 

Any questions? Fill out the contact form and I’ll back to you at the earliest opportunity, usually the same day.

Jan Jordyn